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Please follow me on my Twitter account @lizzieonka. I won’t be posting minor announcements in this blog anymore, so if you’re wondering why a chapter is delayed or whatnot, I had most likely explained why on a pinned tweet in my Twitter profile.

Bestial Blade Edits

I went through the previously translated chapters of Bestial Blade and… god, I am so ashamed. I can’t believe I made so many embarrassing translation mistakes. I’ve gone back to correct them.

You may reread the chapters if you like, but there’s not really that much difference since the mistakes I mentioned are just minor stuff you wouldn’t even notice unless you’re deliberately nitpicking hahaha

Delay on Updates

Hey guys, just a heads up that I probably won’t be able to update on time starting this week. I’ve been feeling sick these past days—always feeling short of breath and extremely tired. I haven’t gotten a fever though, so I’m praying it’s not COVID-19 and is probably just the consequences of me not eating on time haha.

But on the minute chance that it is (considering how my city has the highest number of cases here in the country), then I’m just gonna ༼☯﹏☯༽

Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 16 Part 1 English Translation

Sorry for the late update, guys… If you followed me on Twitter, then you’d know it’s because I’ve been feeling sick these past days…

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